Thursday, April 5, 2012

Chichen Itza's Best Organic Gourmet Eating found at Hacienda Chichen Resort

Chef Josue Cime picking up his organic grown produces at Hacienda Chichen Resort's own Organic Orchard

You know Chef Josue Cime is really committed to bring to your table the freshest organic fruits and vegetables when you see him picking delicious ripe produces at his own Organic Orchard Fields within the Hacienda Chichen Resort grounds.

No wonder we loved eating at this green boutique hotel's restaurant, located a few steps away from Chichen Itza hotel zone entrance, you can even see some of the Maya pyramids while you feast in many Maya culinary delights.  I met Chef Josue Cime in my first visit to Chichen Itza when we stayed two glorious days at the Hacienda Chichen; would had stayed longer if we had not planned our return trip next day.  So we have come each year to this fantastic sustainable hotel with our friends for a good four day relaxing vacation and enjoy each time more and more what we find in this amazingly green destination.

Yes, the Maya pyramids and archaeological sites are impressive, but more amazing is to know the Maya people that work at this hotel and the Maya healers or shamans that with such caring love take you into their holistic wellness center, Yaxkin Spa, and help you release stress and other toxic tensions from your mind, soul, and body.

Met Mr. Jim Conrad, the hotel's resident naturalist who knows just about everything you can ever wish about nature and wildlife, he offers free Nature Guided Tours each morning to guests of the hotel and this is an experience that will deeply connect you to Mother Nature and our planet. Then of course is Mrs. Beatriz Correa, the soul of this beautiful land and hotel, she will guide you and assist you in Maya medicine healing traditions as well as sacred Maya rituals that are celebrated by authentic Maya Priests in the premises.

Over all, the Hacienda Chichen, like Chef Josue Cime, are uniquely connected with their Maya cultural roots and traditions, speaking to your soul through their love for our planet and life itself.

Note by Jean Langs


Anonymous said...

It is amazing to think that many centuries ago civilizations were walking our planet before us. It looks to me that there were bigger civilizations than we thought. If that's the case then they must were more advanced than we actually know about them. More discoveries will let us know them better.

I want to share with you this music about the mystical place Chichen-Itza. The message of that music is about a CHANGE all humans must do in order to live in peace and harmony. Maybe that's the message ancient civilizations wanted us to know.

Arriving at Chichen-Itza 2012

In Lak'Ech. Peace from Mexico.

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lerma said...

I highly recommend eating organic products because those are more healthy and nutritious compared to commercial goods we see in the supermarket.