Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Plan your 2010 Wedding Destination Dream Party at Hacienda Chichen Resort

Hacienda Chichen is known for its excellent catering services and romantic Colonial hacienda ambiance. This Green-Spa Resort is truly an Soulful Eco-Cultural Maya Jungle Getaway found in Chichen Itza, Yucatan, Mexico, located so near the Mayan pyramids and archaeological zone that guests can view ancient temples from the hotel's gardens.

This award winning Eco-Spa Jungle Resort, known for its exclusive ambiance, ideal for romantic wedding destination galas, and exclusive private parties, offers its guests  a truly paradise like ambiance and the most formidable location among Yucatan's Haciendas.  Hacienda Chichen is the perfect Mayan Wedding setting for couples interested in a mystical experience for their Mexico's Mayan Wedding Destination.

Hacienda Chichen's Special Party Services include Wedding Dinner Galas, VIP Executive Luncheons, Family Reunion Parties and other exclusive catering services gear to bring the utmost quality in party planning, catering service, and theme party decor ambiances. Your guests will be enchanted with this Eco-Spa Jungle Resort's beauty, secluded privacy, country mansion elegance and true room privacy.

We recommend you this Eco-Spa boutique hotel as a Mayan Jungle Soulful Getaway when planning your next Incentive Luncheon or Brunch Party, view the hotel's open garden terrace table layout to help you organize your guests seating arrangement. Remember, our party decor collection and gourmet menus can be customized to complement any occasion. Executive Chef Josue Cime will work with your ideas and meal choices to create a memorable gourmet party event with delicious organic food produces carefully selected to insure high nutritional value with indulging exotic aromas and flavors that will linger in your guests memory for years to come! 

For further information and details contact this Yucatan Eco-Spa Hacienda directly via email: weddings@haciendachichen.com and review now any of the following links describing the Hacienda Chichen's Catering Services:
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